Welcome To Codey

Welcome To Codey

The Codey platform is the first platform to teach programming for children ages 5 to 18 using game stimuli , Aims to improve the use of technology for children and teach them the future language of programming in order to be qualified for the future
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Online lessons

Children and students participate in live online lessons, and interact moment by moment with an expert teacher and a small group of students. They can ask questions and get instant answers within the course framework. We are working together to create great apps, let's have my friend get started

recorded lessons

All lessons and training hours are automatically recorded, and they are available to students during the course and lifetime. Children who wish to follow the lessons they missed, or re-view their favorite lesson to listen to these recordings as they wish, by simply logging into the online learning environment and moving To the course page they are enrolled in, where they can also view the curricul...

Learning community

The learning community we offer our students is always open, just like the Internet. Students can ask questions, opinions, and ideas in the community forum and get quick responses from teachers and friends. The learning community, managed by the teacher, allows them to expand their knowledge outside of school hours. It also raises their level of participation and gives them social encouragement

Code competitions

Cody provides monthly competitions and championships for our students in which challenges and prizes are presented in the code to support and encourage the outstanding. Our goal is an integrated environment to teach and encourage our students and spend a useful and enjoyable time in front of the screens.






Training Hours





Cody Stars Challenge

Youssef - 100 Point
Reem Mahmoud Ayoub - 95 Point
yahia shady - 95 Point

SCRATCH Championship

يوسف حسان - 72 Point
Rama - 72 Point
adam - 68 Point
Alma - 60 Point
Marwa - 28 Point

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