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Free work from home or anywhere in the world

A sophisticated work environment that constantly develops your technical and teaching skills

A strong financial return linked to a performance incentive

You have to choose your preferred programming language, which you have the skills of writing and explain it, and we will help you reach thousands of students interested in developing and changing their future for the better and will help you to effectively communicate with students effectively
Record a 5: 7 minute video showing your skills in delivering a children's programming concept in innovative and creative ways
1. Use one of the screen recording programs such as Camtasia
2. Record in a quiet place away from noise
3. Arrange your thoughts in a small notebook on a script
4. Start recording
When you accept you will join a large group of trainers in the same specialization in your own community, so you will benefit from their experience and experience sharing and we will provide you with a set of exercises to develop your skills constantly ..

Contributed to building an evolving generation


I learned that taking into consideration each individual's individual differences, patience, motivation, continuous encouragement and development of his strengths can transform a child's personality from negative to positive.

Rasha Abdelmoez

Scratch JR

CODY found the appropriate environment to provide me with expertise in this deep field in a short time. He also provided me with experiences in dealing with children from different parts of the world, which made me proud of them

Rana El-Sayed

Scratch 3

Teach me confidence in myself ... determination ... and many ways to deal with children how I can understand the passion of every child. Cody has already proved that his continued pursuit requires access

Hager Fathy

Web Design


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