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SCRATCH Championship

Luxor Cody Championship Now is the time for the challenge and the time for harvest to see your experiences, capabilities and creativity in this competition, to unleash the imagination until we reach the highest one we wish, remember the content well and review all the questions and then start in the competition the creators challenge started .....

How To Collect Points

Collect points and earn discounts

The contest consists of 25 questions, each question has 4 points. Whatever you answer is a valid question. You will take 4 points in your account. You can take discounts from our sponsors and partners, or discounts on our curricula and our course! The more points you collect, the more you earn ^ _ ^

SCRATCH Championship

يوسف حسان - 72 Point
Rama - 72 Point
adam - 68 Point
Alma - 60 Point
Marwa - 28 Point