Mobile application development

Course Requirements

1. No previous experience required

2. Computer and Internet

3. Adherence to appointments for direct lectures

Course Details


Programming and computer science are very important and necessary courses that are best learned at a young age. There are many ways to teach programming, yet the main challenge is how to explain purely mathematical concepts, such as axis, labs, and variables to young children. Therefore, graphic programming languages ​​have been developed to simplify the concepts of programming for children, which are colorful animations to help clarify the various concepts and open the way to the wonderful programming world. This introductory training course attracts children towards creating mobile applications in a very smooth and logical manner. Therefore, there is no need for previous experiences.

Projects implemented by students

1. 8 Projects, project after every live lecture

2. Implement 3 final projects

3. Perform 8 tests, one after each lecture

4. Final test after the lectures are over


Training features

        1. Direct training with educationally and technically qualified trainers to deal with children and the individual differences between them

    2. Recorded lessons, repeating them at any time and life time

    3. Fun tests for students to measure their performance level

    4. A community of students, coaches and parents to communicate 24 hours

    5. Certified certificates from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

    6. Competitions for students and prizes for outstanding students

   7. An account for parents to track their children's activity on the podium



Price : 650 LE
Start Date : 2020-06-20
Language : عربي,ENGLISH
Level : متوسط
Age : 9:16
Location : الدروس المباشرة علي الإنترنت
You Will Have :
Certificate Of Completion
Full Lifetime Access

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