CODEY Robotics Championship

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  • Track Name: CODEY Robotics Championship
  • Category: CODEY ROBOTICS
  • Price: 1800 LE
  • curriculums: Virtual Robotics with TinkerCAD,Arduino technology 2,Arduino technology
  • Student Age: 8:16

Join now in the Robotics camp with Kodi and let your kid learn the field of robotics using arduino technology 😎

Track's Details


How do beginners learn robots?<br>Robotics allows children to learn STEM concepts in a hands-on environment. They learn how to program, design and manufacture their own robots. Robots provide an educational tool for children to think outside the box. Often children have ideas of what they dream of creating. Robots make these dreams come true.<br>How children can technology Arduino?<br>In Kodi, students have the opportunity to use online robotics simulation technology using TinkerCAD to learn the tools and technology of Arduino simulation. We also give children the possibility to use the basic components for creating and developing robots and learn to design them, create and write their own code commands. Here are some examples of projects that children implement with the help of experts and codey facilitators.<b>&nbsp;</b>




Faculty of Engineering Qena - Al - Azhar University

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