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Decode the child

Sure, what caused the parents to wake up in the morning and the uncle plans and says to himself: How to vacate the life of my son miserable and miserable and sure what in the mother or saying: Today I was shouting at my child and violent and sad brother
On the contrary, there are many mothers who have hopes and sayings: A whole day will be peace, God willing
Despite all the good intentions, but the war comes back with the creation of a new and enlightened things we do Mncqdha and uses the tone of what loves
One of the reasons is our lack of understanding of our child .. To Hick Talu Nfot atmosphere world child follows a lot of symbols and questions and try to bee with some

- Children's questions: hidden meanings
Communicating with the child is an art in itself, its own laws and meanings. It is rare to be naive child understanding of things, but on the contrary often the child by the fact that his words are encrypted and need us to decipher the encryption .. How?

Ahmed (5 years) In his first visit to the kindergarten accompanied by his mother, Shaf drawings followed the hanging on the wall and shouted loudly: Min follows the horrific pictures of Halos !!
Of course, the mother felt embarrassed and said with a boisterous voice: Mo is never decent you say ugly pictures, while it is beautiful !! (We are a lot of mothers are confused beyond our capacity for the subject of the embarrassment of our child, a child and one million lines of the word baby !! What is the reason for Yajo or blame, cell expresses his feelings in all its forms .. And never need to get rid of his reaction, All spontaneously and comfortably)

The teacher smiled from the question of the child follows I understood the meaning and said: Moe condition Hun us kindergarten All paints sweet pictures possible to paint any picture of your imagination just because you feel you love to draw, even if Mo sweet ..
A big smile appeared on Ahmed's face as he got his answer to his hidden question: How can a child become a sweetly bittersweet baby?

And after heck Ahmed Shaveh a broken fire engine, he said: Who broke the game Hai?
So the mother replied: "Shu, it is good to know that we know who broke it."
Sure Ahmed Mu is interested Min knows the following is broken as much as Mu interested that he knows the sightless Xu for the children followed by Pixro Games !!
The teacher gave an answer to his question:
The games are for the children to play in, the times are broken and natural and insightful everywhere.
Ahmed looked at the signs of satisfaction, and Beno said to himself: Hey teacher wonderful and quickly fanatic, even when the children Bersmo pictures ugly or Pixro games, what to fear, it is safe to stay here

- Fruitless dialogues:
Usually Ahli Sabo frustrated to discuss with the children and children violin Bhajolo avoid dialogue with their parents .. Because dialogue is not a positive development of what?
The children are reprimanded, the speech is directed, and the criticism, and the feelings of the parents are a lot of talk.
Hassan (8 years) saying to his mother: Why I ask you a small question to answer me long and boring answer ??
Hik Hassan decided that I do not tell his mother Bshi, because if Balash and experience work, Ttrelo offer time to play !!

And until we reach our children and win and win their love and confidence, we need a new formula to reach an understanding with them

- New rules of understanding:
Story Mo Story of lack of love, but lack of respect !! And not in the lack of intelligence, but a lack of wit and proficiency understanding Vtibl us two things:
1. Statements that maintain respect for both parties.
2 - Understanding the feelings and feelings of the child before we advise and advise.

Ashraf (9 years) returned from school as a teacher because the school trip was canceled due to rain. The mother acted wisely and tried to understand the feelings and feelings of the child and how they shared their anger.
-Mother: Your sadness is sad because I have changed the journey / - Ashraf: Yes
- Mother: I was so much loved that you like it right / - Ashraf: Of course
- Mother: I attended your life and Astdit and the other brought rain and ruined everything / - Ashraf: Yes, Heck has become
Then a moment of silence prevailed, and Ashraf said: "Mo problem, please come back for better days and go back to our journey
He was angry and was very helpful for the rest of the day

Shaw is your special or special way of dealing Hai ??
When the child is in the midst of his emotions, he is not listening to the advice and guidance. What are the real solutions to the problem? It is not always the Bedouin who understand, the Bedouin who absorb his anger, the Bedouin who share his feelings and feelings.

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