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Electronic Gamed

Every mother and father of their son, a mobile mazak all day long and play focused on Jadaa in words:

I can not lose my son if I watch him in the hours of mobile phone or tap and can not benefit

First of all, we talk about the damage and the benefits. The games are divided into sections:

1 - Games intelligence: and de games focused on the mind and logical thinking and need a great thinking to deal with them. An example is electronic chess.
2 - Games thrill and pleasure: And de Bahe more type of children biting because it Bekon fun and attractive and all the pictures and colors and help them spend their free time.
3 - Educational games: friendly combining the two types they benefit from them scientifically and in their studies and the nature of attractive and entertaining.

All kinds of damage to it if the mistake was used by her parents Fuad if used correctly, meaning that if they overuse the use of the damage is greater than the benefit and damage to be: -

• Socially:

 addiction to electronic games selling imbalance in social relations and abandonment faces the difficulty in adapting to natural life Vbihar vacuum and unity and be an introverted person.
It generates a lot of violence, tension and constant fighting.
Games electronic reversal of traditional games based on traditional participation and the principle role and a group of children share a game with some of the electronic games make the child selfish plays alone and does not want to share his friends.
The frequent handling of electronic devices makes the child timid can not express himself.
Some games rely on killing, cheating and children learning violence.
Lead to neglect of study and homework.

• From the religious point of view: note that the attachment of children electronic devices makes them delay prayers and distract them from obedience parents and the transfer of Western customs does not suit our religion.

• Health: Damage to the wrist joint, fingerprint, back pain and impaired vision.

If we choose the correct and useful content for the child and organize the times of use of the electronic devices, we get the benefit from them and avoid the damage is like many things in our lives ((double-edged sword))

Among its benefits: -
Some games and electronic programs raise the level of intelligence and focus.
Some of them raise the academic level of the child such as educational games.
Dealing with electronic devices earns the child skills such as typing, writing, searching for information and acquiring new languages.
Some help the child to plan and innovate because they depend on steps and strategies to reach the goal
Programming languages ​​learn the language of the future, for example ^ _ ^ Register now

In the end, you, as a parent, mother or child, can choose the most appropriate for the benefit of the child, not only the child, but also adults.

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