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Our children and smart device addiction

A study suggests that more than a third of children use smart devices before walking and talking
Currently we are in the era of technology and became indispensable and almost all children remained very attached to telephone or tabling all the time, both on vacation or study
We started to notice that a very large group of parents complained that they were not able to control how many hours their children were using the technology, but unfortunately, it is a big problem and can be negatively affected by your child's personality.
In a study of researchers at the University of Boston School of Medicine, "they found that using children under two-and-a-half years for interactive devices is that their skills are weak because they replace the practice of sensory and visual development and motor skills." Simply means that the skill growth is incomplete and therefore potentially prone to autism and Learning difficulties
TALO explains the use of technology with children according to the American Academy and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics:
1. Infants up to two years of age should not be exposed to technology in any way.
2 - Children from the age of 3 to 5 years are exposed to only one hour during the day and follow-up guardian.
Children from 6 to 18 years old are available for only 2 hours
During the day and of course through the supervision of the guardian on the content to his followers.
Of course, the rules are very important because if the use is increased, it affects the brain's growth in the child properly, in addition to being influenced by the social growth and its relations with others. Unfortunately, he is a friend of the interactive devices as a bit of real life
Often we notice high rates of disease
(Depression of children, anxiety, emotional disorders, attention deficit, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances and visual impairment). In children, they spent more hours on the TV or the phone, but with the possibility of addiction.
In 2011, the World Health Organization classifies smart devices as hazardous because of their radiation emission.
*** Ok and the solution ????
1 - agree with the children from the beginning on the number of hours of use appropriate for his age and no matter what happened at the point d.
2 - to prevent the use of devices during the eating of meals as his body is able to benefit from the time of eating and learning that each need to take time.
3 - Do not use the devices before sleeping or placed in the children's bedroom.
4. It is very wrong to prevent the end use of the devices because it is the language of the age and one of the strongest channels of learning, but it is very important to improve the use of technology by choosing the appropriate learning channels and selecting the appropriate content for the nature of their age and the most powerful curriculum and content that you can teach your children. Video you can hear from here
5 - Find alternative skills to spend children's time and develop their skills such as (learning to swim, football or any kind of arts or reading stories)
6. The child is required to participate in social activities whether visiting relatives or traveling and exploring trips.
7 - The most important point of mother and father Maraya child If you underestimated your use of smart devices and devoted time to your child is sure to help him Akhtar and approached him and develop his communication skills and sense of security

Fatima Zahraa Nagah I spoke in a wonderful article about the benefits and damages of using technology for children if the first time we follow you can read from here

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